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↳ anonymous asked: amanda seyfried or lizzie olsen?

#tbt one of my favorite pics of us @sophiabush Love you, babe! You’re such an inspiration xxo - Bethany Joy Lenz

#regram @joylenz #tbt to one of the best hug + smooch combos ever. What a gal. She makes me happy ❤️ #othfam - Sophia Bush


Brit Marling photographed by Amanda de Cadenet for Violet Magazine


Schooled  Larry King.

Watch the full interview here.

Blake Lively answers 73 fun questions [x]

"I think the question of what makes a ‘strong female character’ often goes misinterpreted. And instead we get these two-dimensional superwomen, who maybe have one quality that’s played up a lot."
- 15-year-old Tavi Gevinson, A Teen Just Trying To Figure It Out (March 2012)

I’ll be there for you through it all

congrats on your face - selena gomez


shes like an an alcoholic elementary school teacher

"We should always always break up together" "Ooh I’d like that!"