You don’t know everything about me.
I feel like I do. You text me every time you take a dump. I know about the pimple on your nipple, and I’m, like, the holder of your social security card.

Mila Kunis in Seventeen Magazine, 1999

- Goodnight, Rory.
- Goodnight, Dodger.

"Turns out it’s not easy to ruin someone’s life once you find out how wonderful they are."

the final episode of Breaking Bad aired one year ago today, on September 29th 2013.
"I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it, and I was really I was alive"

Kate Mara and Max Minghella in New York City on June 6, 2014

If Jessica were gay, she would definitely make a play for Donna”    

- Gina Torres.

I don’t understand the point of being together if you are not the happiest.

Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas reunite to perform “This Is Me” and reenact the scene from Camp Rock [Staples Center, LA - 9/27/14]